KOSHER is word from Hebrew which means ‘pure’ or ‘approval for consumption’ according to Jewish dietary law (Kashrus). Kosher is responsible for all ingredients, packaged foods, beverages and facilities where the food is being prepared or served. Kosher foods are divided into three categories: Meat, Dairy and Pareve. Kosher Certification mainly describes the methods and key elements to be followed during food preparation and serving, the law also notes the importance of food safety requirements. The presence of blood components have to be removed before serving the food and the word literally means “torn”. The importance of the Kosher Certification is seen in all over the world and many organizations are yet to get certified. Kosher Certification is provided by CertPro in India, Israel, Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, Singapore and all over the world. Food Safety Management System is fast growing in this sector and it is now more important than ever to adhere to Kosher rules and regulations.

Kosher Certification

What are the benefits of KOSHER CERTIFICATION?

  • Food processing according to Jewish dietary guidelines
  • Integrity and ethical way of life by avoiding cruelty to animals, harm to the environment and unfair business practices
  • Providing quality products and good practices for creating a trusted reputation with their customers
  • Legal implications
  • A platform to penetrate into international markets
  • Boosts other supporting standards such as HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


  • Food processing industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Meat slaughtering houses
  • Fish and fisheries industries

What are the requirements of KOSHER CERTIFICATION?

  • Compiling with food, utensils, production process and food service venues
  • An individual certified and skilled (Shochet) trained in Kosher rituals and slaughtering procedures
  • Resource management – General, Personnel, Facilities and Environments condition and Equipments (Cutleries)
  • Process Requirements – Preparation, Processing, Packaging, Transportation, and Storage
  • Knowledge about the Kosher laws, the do’s and don’ts as prescribed in ancient sacred literatures.
What is ISO 9001 Certification?

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

A Quality Management System is a set of an interrelated or interacting elements that an organization uses to formulate its Quality Policies and Objectives and establishes processes needed to  achieving them

Health, Safety and Environment


The main objective of HSE is to prevent and reduce accidents, emergencies, and health issues at work, along with taking necessary measures to avoid any environmental damage that could result from work practices.

Significance of Food Safety


Food Safety Management System is a scientific approach in controlling and monitoring the hazards within a food business chain to make sure that the processed food is safe to consume.

How to get an ISO Certification?

How to get an iso certification?

Here we have tried to guide our readers on How to get an ISO Certification without much hassle. We have tried to cover the different aspects that are important during ISO Certifications.


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